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Weed Vaporizers: An Introduction To Discreet Smoking

The benefits of Cannabis are evident as more people learn about the plant and new ways of consumption have surfaced that are changing the game. One of the acclaimed healthier solutions that have been adopted to replace smoking is vaping. The use of Weed Vaporizers has skyrocketed over the past few years with being discreet and smell-free. But what’s the big deal with them? How do they work? Read on to find out.

What’s a weed vaporizer?

A weed vaporizer is a device that is used to heat up cannabis or cannabis products to transmit active ingredients (e.g., THC, CBD) without burning. There are high-quality devices that are able to deliver accentuated flavors and aromas that enhance your vaping experience. You can find weed vaporizers in all shapes and sizes so you can choose a type that best addresses your needs.

Weed Vaporizers: An Introduction To Discreet Smoking | California Weed Blog

How Vaping differs from Smoking

Smoking has been criticized for producing tar in your lungs, but with vaping, this seems to solve the problem. A weed vaporizer only releases vapor, which means no smoke in your lungs. They are easy to clean as well, excluding oil pens. Things can get messy at some point.

The introduction of vaping cannabis has brought a new realm of consumers into the industry that wanted a discreet way to smoke their medicine without backlash from their community.

Many vaporizers are compact, easy to carry around, discreet and smell-free, which is unlike smoking with bongs or pipes. Besides the pleasure you get from vaping different flavors, you are assured that your health is not putting at risk as no smoke is produced by the vape pen. The Weed Category Page,, details more info.

Types of Vape Pens

There are different kinds of vape pens that you can choose to smoke your medicine. Many of them require charging unless you buy those that are disposable. To help you decide which appeals most to your needs, here is a preview of some of the most common in the market.

Weed Vaporizers: An Introduction To Discreet Smoking | California Weed Blog

Cartridge pens

Cartridge pens are streamlined and low-maintenance, as well as affordable. The pens are compatible with universal cartridges and are usually made of plastic or glass. They come with a battery that screws onto the cartridge for a pen-like design. These are the best for on-the-go consumers.

Weed Vaporizers: An Introduction To Discreet Smoking | California Weed Blog

Concentrate pens

Concentrate pens work in a similar way as cartridge pens, except that you need to refill the tank with extracts. You can use juice to thin the concentrate if it is too thick. These have many removable parts and the atomizer coils can clog or break down. This might take some time to get comfortable with, but for the heavy hitters, you can take your dab to-go!

Weed Vaporizers: An Introduction To Discreet Smoking | California Weed Blog

Herb vaporizers

Herb vaporizers are designed to vaporize only dry flower and are generally larger than pen-style vapes. These are also usually more expensive than the ones mentioned above and you need to have the herb on you to smoke it.

Are there health concerns?

More studies are required to reveal everything about vaporizers and any possible health concerns. So far, these devices have been passed as safer than smoking and are recommended by many experts to those who would like to use cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes.

The consumption of weed has seen a major increase following the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana across many parts of the country. Weed Vaporizers give consumers a discreet way to smoke, is portable and easy to use; making them the hottest trend in the budding cannabis community.