Super OG


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Super OG

Hybrid Indica


This strain is also known as Super OG Kush. This hybrid Indica is a member of the Kush family originally created by the Spanish breeders at Pyramid Seeds. The team experimented with Kush genetics in an attempt to add more flavor and stronger physical effects.


Super OG is a super powerful Indica dominant hybrid strain.


It was created through crossing the infamous Skywalker OG X Tahoe OG Kush X Larry OG strains. This strain brings an insanely high 17-25% THC level to the table. This combination comes with highly sedative effects that are bound to leave you relaxed and dozing for hours on end.


You’ll feel a euphoric giggly onset that creeps up on you a few minutes after toking.  This leaves you feeling lifted and carefree.


This effect will slowly fade away into a cerebral stone. This washes over you and infuses you with a touch of the giggles and a slight tingle. This tingle will quickly build into a full-on body high that will pull you into heady sedation that can end in sleep. These effects make Super OG is perfect for treating chronic pain.  Also insomnia, eye pressure, and muscle spasms, or tremors. Super OG has a flavor of sour apple and spicy diesel with an aroma to match that is heavily pungent and fruity. The buds have oversized long thick minty green nugs with sparse orange hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes.