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Minimum Order 10 carts

0 – 10 — 30$ Per Cart
10 – 50 — 25 Per Cart
50 – 100 —- 20$ Per Cart
100 above —— 15 Per Cart

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To verify that customers are over 21, Buy Juul Carts near me, they will be asked to provide their name, date of birth, permanent address, and the last four digits of their social-security number. Order Juul Carts Online, This information will be cross-checked with public records by a third party. Juul Carts for sale online, By the end of the year, Juul also plans to add further verification methods using a customer’s phone number and by matching the customer’s face against an uploaded government-issued ID. Online Juul Carts Shop, In order to prevent customers from buying in bulk and selling these pods to teens, every purchaser will be restricted to two devices and 15 Juul pod packages per month, Buy Medical Juul Carts Online, and to no more than 10 devices a year.

Fruit is JUUL’s name for a fruit and berry-based flavor. Buy Fruit Pods Online, If you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to the regular tobacco/menthol flavors, give this one a try. With JUUL, you can always switch flavors according to the time of day or how you’re feeling!

About JUUL pods:

Refills for the JUUL Starter Kit are known as JUULpods. Cheap Juul Carts Online Shop, There are a range of JUUL flavor options, and they come four to a pack; simply slot one into your JUUL Battery, and you’re ready to vape!

How To Buy Juul Carts Online, The company said that it will bring the flavored pods back to stores that comply with its own restrictions and invest in age-verification technology in the future. Where To Buy Juul Carts Online, According to its announcement, this means that sellers would be required to show that these flavored pods are restricted and scan a customer’s ID to confirm that they are over 21 if they wish to purchase.

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+100 carts above – 15$ Per cart, 0-10 – $30 Per cart, 10-50 – 25 Per cart, 50 – 100 carts – $20 Per cart