BC Big Bud Hybrid


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BC Big Bud Hybrid

Sativa 60%


This strain is not to be confused with popular Indica Big Bud. Like Big Bud, BC Big Bud Hybrid is also known for exceptionally large flowers. This strain’s THC levels clock in at between 19% and 21% THC level.


Translucent white trichomes cap off these already-colourful flowers.


This gives them a white sheen and making them very sticky and difficult to break up by hand. The effects of BC Big Bud Hybrid asserts itself relatively quickly. It begins with a concerted pressure around the eyes and forehead shortly after consumption. These odd sensations are met with an uptick in cerebral patterns of thinking.


Users may tend to dwell on ideas or concepts.


These ideas and concepts might not otherwise hold a fascination for them if not for BC Big Bud Hybdrid. Some may also be struck by freely-associative energy that causes them to jump around from one topic to the next. This mindset can be effective in executing tasks. Whether they’re complicated and work-related or more basic and mundane, like doing the dishes.


Now BC Big Bud Indica side begins to assert itself.


With progressive feelings of relaxation rolling down the neck and taking hold in the core and limbs.  BC Big Bud Hybrid has a combination of mental and physical relaxation effects that can be an ideal way to relax.  If you want to smoke more but just don’t feel like rolling check out our amazing Bong Selection.  Click the link to see what style my personal Bong that I love so much for my THC Oils and Dabs.


BC Big Bud can also have several applications for medical cannabis patients.


It can aid focus on those with attention deficit disorders, helping them to concentrate on a single task. The strain may also temporarily improve the harsh symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, BC Big Bud Hybrid can also relieve pain that’s due to injury, chronic conditions like lupus, or simple irritations like headaches and indigestion.,


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A great strain for activities that require both brain and body coordination, including exercising, gaming, and sex.


BC Big Bud hybrid has elevated but soothing energy that can also be a good way to enhance buzzy social situations. Inspiring free and easy conversation and good vibes among like-minded friends. This strain’s versatility makes it appropriate for enjoyment throughout the day. Consumers should avoid it just before bed when the Sativa onset is liable to keep them wide awake.


The Following is Real feedback from people who have used this product and reported back their thoughts and feelings.  We hope this helps you in choosing the right product suited for your medical or personal needs.

Common Uses Typical Feelings
Depressed6/10  Euphoric8/10
Anxiety8/10 Energetic6/10
Migraines10/10 Sedated4/10
Pain4/10  Relaxed10/10
ADHD Symptoms2/10