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Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

Have you ever smoked from a bong and done a bong rip? Well fear no more, after this how-to Bong Rip guide, you too will be a certified bong master. You will have a better understanding of what a bong is, how to use a bong and the proper terminology. First things first, what’s a bong?

A bong is a type of water pipe that uses water to cool down and filter smoke. Typically used for smoking cannabis, it can also be used to smoke tobacco or other dried herbs. Below you can see the anatomy of the bong.

Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

So how do you smoke from this mystic object? Here’s what you will need to have a most delicious bong rip.

Items Needed for a Bong

Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

– A lighter

Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

– Some Cannabis Flower (Weed, Ganja, Mary Jane, Skunk or Dank).

Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

– A grinder

Cannabis 101: How to Smoke From a Bong

– And most importantly a bong!

Steps to Smoking from a Bong aka the Bong Rip!

Step 1: Fill your Bong with enough water where the down-stem is submerged in a .5inch -1inch of water and the percolators are submerged in water as well. This will ensure that the bong has enough water to filter the smoke.

Note: You might need to pull out the down-stem to fill the bong with water or pour the water into the shaft to fill it up the bong with water. Every bong is different so if you inhale into the bong and get a little bong water in your mouth then pour a little water out.

Step 2: With your fingers or some scissors, break down the flower into small pieces, to make it easier to grind and smoke.

Step 3: Place the broken-down flower into the grinder and twist grinder clockwise or counterclockwise a few times to grind it down.

Step 4: Place your ground cannabis in the bowl of your bong. You don’t need to pack it full, just however much you choose to smoke.

Step 5: Place your mouth over the mouthpiece and with your lighter light the flower as you begin to inhale into the mouthpiece. As you inhale, smoke should begin to build up in the base of the bong.

Step 6: Once the chamber is filled with filtered smoke; it’s time to clear the bong, as you inhale slide the “bowl” out of the down-stem, this will result in the smoke being rushed through the base into your lungs.

Note: If the smoke isn’t going into your lungs, you might not be inhaling properly which can take time.

Step 7: Once the smoke has entered your lungs, hold it for 3-4 seconds and exhale, you should feel the full effects of the high within 10-30 minutes.

Maintenance and good manners

After using your bong it is typically recommended to rinse the bong with water to keep it clean. Try to clean it every few days with either a 2:1 solution of alcohol to salt or a pipe cleaning solution.

Now you know how to smoke a bong. Go test out what you’ve learned and get high by yourself, or surprise your friends with it at your next party to show off your skills.