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What is a Rosin Press and How is it Used?

With the popularity of rosin presses rising continuously every year, there’s no doubt that pressing rosin has become a new trend. But, there are some people that still haven’t heard of these machines, so let’s explain what a rosin press is and what exactly it’s used for.

Rosin is currently one of the fastest growing extract industries in the United Kingdom and has quickly spread stateside. Rosin is a non-volatile extract that can be used with many different vaporizers and have a full and rich flavor. A couple of decades ago, you could only purchase already made rosin from big companies but luckily, that’s now the thing of the past. You can buy your very own Rosin Press and use it in the comfort of your home in order to extract rosins from a plant of your choosing. It’s hard to say which the best rosin press is since they vary in price, size, and performance so it really would depend on your needs and preferences. However, all of these presses are used for one purpose.

What is a Rosin Press and How is it Used? | California Weed Blog

How do Rosin Presses work?

There are 3 specific steps to extract Rosin from Cannabis or any other plant:

  • A high temperature that’s enough to melt the material,
  • An extreme amount of pressure which would be best achieved with a Rosin Press; and
  • In a short amount of time

Since we’ve already explained what these machines are used for, let’s take a look at how exactly they manage to extract all of that delicious rosin. It’s actually quite simple. All that’s necessary for a herb to let out its juices is to apply a little bit of heat that would be enough to melt the resin and then a huge amount of pressure that would liquefy the resin and in turn squeeze it out by separating it from the waste material.

What’s good about these presses is that they’re unbelievably easy to use. All you need is the herb you’re extracting rosin from and a sheet of parchment paper. Turn your press on, set the desired temperature and any other specifications required. When it’s heated up, place the parchment paper in the press with the herb inside and hit the button that presses the two heated plates together. The plates will come together, and after a few minutes, the process will be finished and you will have a delicious, home-made yield. You can use it right away or save it for later, just make sure to store it in a dry place and in an airtight container. It is also recommended to freeze/refrigerate the rosin if it is not to be used for a period of time.

Another thing that makes rosin one of the most popular extracts is that they are completely solvent-free. If you have a Rosin Press you don’t need to depend on anyone else to supply you with one of the best extracts since you can make rosins in your own home now and don’t need to depend on big companies to be your suppliers. Using this press is a much safer and easier option than utilizing volatile methods of extraction such as BHO or CO2 Extraction. Another advantage of having a Rosin Press is that you can be sure your extracts are all natural and as healthy as they can be. By applying only heat, time and pressure your rosin are free of toxic materials such as butane or propane that are required in some extraction processes.

What is a Rosin Press and How is it Used? | California Weed Blog

Another thing that’s great about Rosin Presses is that they’re unbelievably easy to use and anyone can learn to extract their own rosin and be rewarded with a delicious yield every single time. Everyone who has tried this process says that it’s extremely easy and also that the vapor created from rosin isn’t harsh on the throat as other extracts.

The flavor is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Since the heat from the press is not hot enough to destroy the Terpenes, the molecules remain intact during the process, which preserves the flavor when consumed.

The Rosin Presses to choose from are:

  • Hydraulic,
  • Pneumatic; and
  • Mechanic

But, if you want the best possible results you shouldn’t cut costs when choosing which type you should purchase. If you want the best option, you can’t go wrong with a Pneumatic Rosin press.

While Hydraulic presses use compressed fluids to create pressure, Pneumatic presses are more modern, and they use air to create pressure. Even though both of these types of presses would do the job, the Pneumatic rosin press is a superior choice because they’re oil-less and maintenance-free if they’re high-quality. Pneumatic presses are also much quieter and subtler so your pressing can remain a private affair. Just make sure to get your Rosin press from a trusted supplier who specializes in high-quality products.

However, you can still get great results with both Hydraulic and Mechanic presses (which need to be operated manually) and your choice of Rosin Press should be made depending on your wants, needs, and budget.

Pressing Rosin has become a main attraction in this blooming Cannabis World. Not only does it provide a solventless solution to extracts, it is also clean, smooth, and extremely tasty. Now that you can get one for yourself, you can press your own clean Cannabis for personal use.