Peach Crescendo Hybrid Indica


Grade: AAAA

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Peach Crescendo Hybrid Indica

Indica 60%


Peach Crescendo Hybrid Indica strain, is an Indica-dominant bud that will truly be the highlight of your life. If you’re newer to smoking cannabis, we’d strongly suggest you steer clear of this gal. She has consistently measured with 30% THC and 1% CBD levels. Peach Crescendo is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as cramps, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain and muscle spasms.  Just as potent as her flavours, Crescendo has been known to infuse users with an incredibly intense high right from the start.


A true nighttime strain.


You will likely feel Peach Crescendo hit hard with a euphoric lift that makes your brain happy. The Indica side will leave your body feeling heavy and relaxed. Head to toe tingles aren’t out of the question, and for some, arousal might even be in the cards.


Keep in mind that this hybrid Indica strain often imparts a serious case of the munchies. It’s recommended that you not only go grocery shopping beforehand.  You should literally complete all prep work needed and put the food within arm’s reach before you toke.  You’ll thank us later!


Peach Crescendo brings the peak of intensity that her name entails. 


Crescendo might be a bit difficult to find in some parts of the country. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled every time you visit your local dispensary. Head to the grocery store, clear your calendar, and prepare to indulge in a potent bud that just might have you eating right up until you fall asleep.


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The Following is Real feedback from people who have used this product and reported back their thoughts and feelings.  We hope this helps you in choosing the right product suited for your medical or personal needs.


Common Uses Typical Feelings
Nausea 6/10 Euphoric 10/10
Pain 8/10 Energetic 6/10
Anxiety 10/10 Creative 8/10
A Loss of Appetite 6/10 Cotton Mouth 2/10
Depressed 8/10 Relaxed 6/10