Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash


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In Morocco, the term “kif” is frequently used for the flower, i.e. the hashish. In the West, “kif” is often used for the special Moroccan blonde hashish. When the milder leaves are used, this is called “habisha”, which would resemble marijuana. In Morocco the production is estimated to cover an area of 600 km², and contributing to the national economy with about US$2 billion annually and growing, equaling 6% of GNP (most of this revenue is however not included in the official GNP) Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

Buy Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash | Honey Moroccan Blonde for sale

Buy Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash | Honey Moroccan Blonde for sale

Blonde Moroccan Hash is one of the finest of Moroccan Hash available currently. It is lightly aromatic with a hint of spice that produces a cerebral and active high.


THC: Strong
CBD: Medium
How is Dry Ice Hash different?

Although not all hash is the same, many types of hash are pretty darn close. Water hash – also called ice hash, bubble hash, gravity(Gumby) hash, and dry ice hash all produce forms of the same product: isolated resin glands. Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

Although many methods produce the same or a similar product, using dry ice has advantages in many areas that end up making it superior to other means of resin collection:

  • It’s faster than other methods.
  • You can finish making dry ice hash in about 1/25th of the total time it takes to make gravity hash!

Although that example is extreme, it only takes a few minutes to make dry ice hash and is much faster than other methods. Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash

  • It’s insanely easy
  • And that ease translates to it being quickly gratifying. You get top grade hash at the cost of shaking
    a bucket and a bag for a combined total of less than 15 minutes.
  • There’s no moisture!
  • That means the resin is ready as soon as it’s shaken loose!/ Honey Moroccan Blonde Hash